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Curious if you need pet insurance? It’s it's a little different from the policy you already know! Our State Farm agents work with Trupanion®, a leader in high-quality pet medical insurance plans. There's one simple plan with direct pay for vet bills, no payout limits, and 90% coverage after your deductible!
Here’s how it works. With pet insurance through Trupanion®, you pay a customizable, monthly fee. When your pet has an injury, Trupanion offers unlimited payouts towards eligible medical costs — terms and conditions vary by state, so Craig Loftis can help walk you through what that means for KY. Oftentimes, Trupanion can pay your vet directly. Otherwise, just pay your vet bill as usual and file a claim online—then Trupanion will reimburse you for covered costs. And because Trupanion has a lifetime-per-incident deductible, once the deductible is met for a covered injury or illness, all future medical costs associated with that injury or illness will be eligible for coverage as long as the policy is in effect! It's that simple: so work with State Farm agent Craig Loftis to get your beloved family pets covered today. As a reliable provider of pet insurance in Berea, KY, State Farm aims to keep your pets safe. Call State Farm agent Craig Loftis today for a free quote on a pet policy.

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